This error message will be reported if the servo attempts to reach a position and cannot within a normal time frame or fails entirely to move.

The servo responsible for producing the error condition can be identified by its LED indicator changing to a red color. After a small delay of a few seconds, the robot will attempt to resume its normal functions. During that delay, the servo will be loose or inactive, allowing the user to move the robot safely in case it needs to be freed from a bad position or cleared from an obstacle.

This can usually be resolved in two ways:
  • Check the assembly and tightness of each servo. Servos should be tightened until a bit of resistance is encountered. If the servo is too tight or obstructed by another part or exterior obstacle, it was cause the servo to work too hard to move and will result in an error.
  • Trace the servo connections and make sure the modules are both connected in the proper order and in the correct location of the MeccaBrain.