1. Turn on the vehicle and place on a stable surface.
  2. Turn controller ON.
  3. Once it is on a stable surface, the vehicle’s LEDs will begin flashing. Once calibration is
    complete, it will start looking for your controller.
  4. When it links, the LED on the controller will blink green until the throttle is ‘armed’.
  5. To ‘arm’/enable the throttle, move the left stick to the minimum position.
  6. The LED on the controller will glow solidly and the vehicle’s LEDs will glow solidly. When the throttle is enabled, you will hear a beep and are ready to fly.
  • NOTE: If the LED on vehicle flashes RED continuosly, the battery is low. Recharge when this happens.
  • NOTE: If the power LED on controller starts to blink slowly, replace the batteries.